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Or is the union just supporting the proposal out of pure altruism with no regard for its own self-interest? Mayor Jim Kenney D-Philadelphia has proposed a massive tax hike on the residents of his city. But, this is a cruel deception. If X and Y are two locations, and if taxes are higher in X and lower in Y, consumers will have a greater incentive to shop in Y. They pass the cost of all taxation onto their customers in the prices of the goods and services they sell.

Imagine a scenario: Compare two states or two cities — one with a giant tax on beverages and one without. Then do your own calculation and analysis. The results should be apparent. States and cities with lower tax burdens always have higher and faster growing economies and personal incomes than in states or cities with rising tax burdens. For evidence, look at s New York City. Giuliani cut taxes 23 times, and the whole city benefited, from Wall Street to Main Street and from lower Manhattan to the Bronx.

First, the Kenney tax is regressive, betraying—for Democrats particularly—the sacrosanct principle of tax fairness. And, such arbitrary taxation will have businesses and jobs fleeing Philadelphia. Dodd-Frank, however, specifically exempts auto lenders from the grasp of the unaccountable CFPB, but bureaucrats are going around the law and using lenders as agents of government to regulate auto dealers. Unfortunately, free trade agreements are not the way to deal with these subsidies. And concern was bi-partisan. Only America has that combination of open dialogue, entrepreneurship and perseverance that could make an invention like the internet happen—other nations may have elements, but not all of them or to the same degree.

No other nation, not a single one, has the respect for the transfer of information that we do. Even the most classically liberal nations, the ones from which we derive our concepts of American civil liberties, do not have the respect for both the protection of speech, while at the same time the respect for the entrepreneurial spirit that drives online innovation.

And these are the nations that stand on the side of freedom—once the US relinquishes control, nations that have little or no respect for these principles now also have a say in management of the internet. This can only create massive problems down the road. Our exceptional nature has made our control both judicious and innovative, and there is no reason to change that anytime soon.

It threatens all of them. It is emblematic of the historic treatment of Native American tribes by the federal government. Telling them they cannot work to provide for themselves, to make their lives better, is an illegal act against these tribes and state regulators must stop this attack on Indian country. IFL is an aggressive defender of the rights of individuals to pursue the American dream.

They inject the perspective of small businesses, and the working families that depend on them, into the public policy debate.


Institute for Liberty condemns members of the press who aided a progressive, anti short-term lending organization. The Society of Professional Journalists in their Code of Ethics warns against the creation of conflicts of interest that reporters can face, and, in our view, crossing the line from objective reporting to outright advocacy breaches that code.

Do they know that CRL and its leader, Martin Eakes, receive millions of taxpayer dollars in government funding to offer an alternative to payday and short-term lending? The hallmark — the lifeblood — of any free society is an independent and objective press. The idea that journalists are allowing themselves to be co-opted by government-funded organizations to push that pro-government agenda smacks of propagandizing — the very kind of propagandizing that kills liberty and destroys free societies.

The CFPB has proven repeatedly that they are a rogue agency, interested only in political maneuvers and aggregating bureaucratic power, while they turn a blind eye to the consumer-stifling effects of their behavior. The agency has proved its own internal chaos by perpetuating a racist work environment, proposing extravagant budgets for a new agency building, and unconstitutionally collecting mass quantities of consumer financial data. The CFPB has even secretly payed audience members to attend filed hearings in order to fabricate an illusion of public support for the agency.

After being reported by a staff whistle blower, Director Cordray is alleged to have tried silence her testimony and Democrats on the Hill have tried to prevent Congressional hearings on the matter. The CFPB must listen to the voices of consumers and end its attack on our freedom. Instead of appointing an independent special prosecutor, the Attorney General continues his hyper-partisan cover-ups of the Obama Administration.

And it is not the first time he's done so. Two years ago Eric Holder was held civilly and criminally in contempt by the United States Congress for stonewalling and withholding release of important documents related to the failed "Fast and Furious" program that resulted in the loss of innocent lives. It was the first time in American history that a member of the President's cabinet was held in contempt in a bipartisan vote at the House of Representatives. Furthermore, the Attorney General is behind the targeting of law-abiding free-market industries under the "Operation Choke Point" probe we've highlighted before.

A probe that circumvents Congress, is undoubtedly extralegal, and punishes private industries the Administration does not like. His extreme disregard to upholding the laws and his advancement of a far-Left agenda has greatly damaged the American system. For these reasons, we are advocating for Eric Holder's impeachment. You can join our efforts by following us on Twitter and using the hashtag: ImpeachHolder. None of us like taxes, but for one of the largest U. Hundreds of thousands of small businesses use Google affiliate marketing as a way of increasing their revenue and finding ways to generate traffic to their own websites.

After all, in this day and age, it's tough enough to be a small business owner, given the impacts of a massive government at all levels sitting on your chest. So these businesses enter into an agreement with Google - help us get traffic, and we'll help your customers do business. In an honest and transparent world, this is a win-win. But according to Foremski, something isn't entirely kosher here.

Foremski proffers the theory that Google is cutting its affiliates out of the loop, making itself the primary affiliate to drive traffic to its largest partners. Thus, they don't have to pay any shared revenue to the small businesses who have entered into these agreements. These websites don't get the traffic, and they don't get their expected share of the pie.

U.S. Cybersecurity and Data Privacy Outlook and Review: 2017

It's bad enough when the big boys team up with big government and big labor, I might add to set things up so that they're tilted to protect the territory of those "who got". But to do this and renege on a promise made, and to do it in what appears to be an underhanded way? It's just god awful. It's rough out there for small businesses already, Google. They don't need your chicanery to add to it! This bipartisan legislation now enjoys the support of 43 state Attorneys General, the Conference of Mayors, a coalition of over companies, trade associations, and labor groups.

Protect IP Act: Gov't Censorship

These groups all recognize that enhanced enforcement tools would help protect American consumers and workers from these blatant thieves hiding behind rogue websites. However, the legislation has also faced numerous blatantly unfounded allegations. The fact is that according to our Constitution, we all are entitled to our property, including our intellectual property. And the government has a fundamental responsibility to protect its citizens from theft and harm beyond our borders. Every marketplace needs rules to protect people from fraud and theft, but no one wants those rules to be overbearing.

The online thieves are stealing our products, our ideas, our property.

PROTECT IP Act - Wikipedia

Why should we tolerate their criminal activity? Support rogue sites legislation today! Yesterday, Sen. Or is he talking about learning from his own tactical errors during his decade of leadership at Google? He wants to build a venture that ultimately supplants it. He has wanted to do so since before his days at Google. But by steering Google today, he has built a tool powerful enough to do so.

Google can undercut Microsoft by offering freebies that go after their business model: from office software to information access. Because he was one of the forces behind it. One of the best things about the new climate in Washington is that people really understand the importance of transparency.

When it comes to Google's work at trying to topple Microsoft, such sunshine is sorely needed, and we ought to be applauding folks like Sen. Lee for taking on this unenviable task! On September 29, , I wrote the following essay. It was entitled, "Why We Fight" and was, essentially, a declaration as to why we were going to war in Afghanistan following the September 11th Attacks.

It was a response to a growing anti-war sentiment from the extreme American left, and written to be spoken at a counter-protest in DC. I was reminded of it when someone tweeted, "I guess war WAS the answer America is starting to heal. But America is not healed, and cannot be completely healed until those who have perpetrated the heinous acts of violence are brought to justice, and the threat of additional acts of terror has been alleviated.

But there are those who are seizing upon this time of healing and are attempting to hijack the potential for justice, and the alleviation of that threat. While some of these are well-intentioned, the calls ignore the basic reality that we are in a state of war. Whether we like it or not, we have enemies who have sworn to destroy the very fabric of American life. Just as sometimes one needs to physically restrain a crazed person, so must we physically restrain those who would commit these acts, so that they cannot do them in the future.

We cannot let these individuals destroy the greatest nation on Earth. America is not a perfect place. It has not acted perfectly either here or abroad. But it has done far better than any nation on Earth in promoting prosperity, individual rights, and freedom. Among the freedoms that are championed in the United States is the right of an individual to be secure in his person and possessions.

On September 11th that right was violated. The heightened sense of terror and lack of general safety is a constant reminder that right continues to be violated by those who committed this act. There are those who believe that there are legal remedies at hand, that if we simply bring Osama Bin Laden to trial, all will be over. In other words, the diplomatic and legal solution did not work. These individuals laughed at our response, and became ever-more audacious in their planning. We must strike the fear of Allah into individuals that commit these acts, and let them know that their deeds will not go unpunished, either on Earth or in the hereafter.

We must make the consequences of these actions so dire that the very thought of their commission will be repugnant to those who might be considering them. America has been a friend to many nations, and among these nations are Tanzania and Kenya. Certainly, such a violation of diplomatic relations is an egregious act of war against America, but the death of Tanzanians and Kenyans also represents an act of war against those nations as well.

The rights of Americans, Tanzanians, and Kenyans were violated. International laws were broken, and no contrition was made for those violations. Nobody disputes that when military targets are attacked, an act of war is committed. Last year, a ship of the United States Navy, the U. Cole, was attacked in the port of Aden, Yemen. American sailors were killed in this attack, and scores were wounded.

The United States has long been recognized as the protector of the innocent, the weak, and others who simply cannot defend themselves. No where is this true than with the innocents in Afghanistan, who find themselves under the crushing thumb of the Taliban regime. Freedom is denied, non-islamic religions are not tolerated, and the basic wants and needs of the populace are in no way met. That the Taliban supports someone like Osama Bin Laden is no surprise. When one offers aid to criminals, then they, too, are criminals. We must make it clear that abetting such evil, providing a sanctuary and homeland for it, will not be tolerated by the civilized world.

A Legal Analysis of S. 968, the PROTECT IP Act

We must make it clear that the denial of individual rights by those who so abet such criminal acts will not be tolerated by the civilized world. We must make it clear that people will not be oppressed, worldwide. There are those who believe that a diplomatic solution can be had to this problem.

But consider just how little regard these people held for international law:. They didn't work through international channels to seek change. They aren't lobbying the United Nations. They aren't lobbying the United States Congress. They aren't trying to meet with representative of the United States Department of State either here or abroad. They aren't working through international agencies. They aren't working with non-governmental organizations. They put together cells of individuals. Cells of individuals who visited American pilot training schools to learn, not take-offs or landings, but how to maneuver a plane once in flight.

They continued to plan for years, apparently , and one day they walked onto airplanes, armed and ready. Calculatedly they waited for the planes to take off. And then they flew those planes into pre-determined targets - including a calculated maneuver in which they would guarantee that the media and thus the world would be watching as they crashed into WTC Tower 2. We live in a society which, at its core, believes in the mutual respect of other human beings.

All of our laws stem from that precept. But when someone invades our nation, violates those precepts, and stands mocking us afterwards, action must be taken. We have no choice. It came to us in the most cruel and horrifying manner. We went to Costa Rica for a variety of reasons.

Visiting an Oil Palm plantation wasn't one of them. But on a trip through the village of Quepos, we were brought to such a plantation--and my eyes were opened. Palm oil, both the product and its production, have gotten a bad rap in some circles. Health advocates question its use in food-products, and environmentalists show disdain as they do for most things with any sort of large-scale agricultural environment, which, in the case of oil palms, they term as "monoculture".

Our guide, Antony, was proud of this plantation--which had taken over what had formerly been a banana farm until Costa Rica's domestic banana industry collapsed late in the last century. That collapse, obviously, had decimated local economies all over Costa Rica, and locals not involved in the tourist trade were deeply interested in having something come in and take its place. Enter the oil palm, a crop perfect for this region.

Oil palms grow quickly, and offer their fruit after only 3 years, and continue to produce over the course of 3 decades! Their fruits are used not only for human and animal foodstuffs and cosmetic products, but also in renewable energies like biodiesel. These plantations also provide habitat for local species. Far from keeping them out of the "monoculture", we saw birds and other animals thriving in this plantation.

For people interested in ensuring that there is a healthy, cooperative relationship between global trade, local prosperity, "green energy" demands, and species conservation, oil palm farming seems to fit perfectly. A shot of an oil palm from our vehicle. A sea of green products, habitat, and energy! To the extent that it is run by anyone, the Tea Party movement is--like all great social movements--largely run by women.

Michele Bachmann, are women. Many of its important writers, bloggers, and commentators--like S. But they are all part of an important social movement, one that filmmakers David Bossie and Stephen K. Continue reading When the President launched his push for financial re-regulation, he made creation of a new agency, charged with protecting consumers from harmful financial products and services, the cornerstone of his legislative initiative.

Paramount to the future success of this new agency, according to President Obama, was its absolute independence from political influence. President Obama and Chairmen of the House and Senate Banking Committees insisted that the new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau should be independent from any political interference from the White House or other agencies.

They accomplished this through provisions in the law that exempt the new bureau from having to check with the White House before making policy decisions, guaranteed funding through the Federal Reserve, and through the appointment of a Director for a 5-year term as opposed to most Senate-confirmed appointees who leave office in conjunction with the President who appointed them. Anyone who listened to the strong pronouncements by the President about why the consumer agency should be independent must have been surprised on Friday when he announced that his pick to staff up the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau would not be independent at all.

However, the attempt to avoid a political battle may backfire by putting Elizabeth Warren in a role subject to the very political interference the agency was supposed to avoid. It seems that many far left factions with a little help from the New York Times are going to great lengths to misrepresent taxes paid by American oil companies. These extreme groups have formed a circle of collusion that is evidently more concerned with pushing liberal policies than stating the facts.

Their attacks claim that energy companies are dodging taxes through subsidies and loop holes. This deceiving conclusion comes in the form of a Times article that as Big Government points out:. The Times article falsely asserted that oil companies are heavily subsidized and given massive tax breaks. At a time when our country is trying to create jobs and recover from an economic recession it seems particularly disheartening that liberal groups are trying to tear down American businesses. Hopefully the public and those in Washington will continue to watch as this story unravels.

The classic superhero, a mysterious person of the night, who anonymously swoops in to save the day without expectation of credit or monetary gain, has time and again captured the American imagination. The BP spill disaster has proved an opportunity for one such citizen to properly assess the situation and help solve the problem without anyone discovering his true identity. Unfortunately, more often than not, when persons are involved in a situation they do not fully understand, they do not act as a problem solver but a problem maker.

Over six weeks ago, Cal-Berkeley Professor Robert Bea received an anonymous call from a mystery plumber late one night who had designed a containment cap he felt could control the gushing well. Bea saw the potential of the cap, which utilized on a larger scale the same techniques plumbers use when repairing leaky pipes, and forwarded it to the US Coast Guard. More than a month later, a similar containment cap was put in place, and has successfully capped the main gusher. In this unique circumstance, someone without any oil expertise was able to assist in problem solving however this is a rare circumstance considering the complexity of offshore drilling.

President Obama has appointed a commission to look into the causes of the oil spill and provide recommendations for the future of drilling off the coasts of the United States.

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While this momentous task may not have the tabloid appeal of the late night plumber, the conclusions of this commission will shape future offshore drilling endeavors, acting to enhance or hinder safety and risk management. Boring holes into underground reservoirs buried miles underwater requires technical specificity the likes of which NASA has used to travel to the moon. Engineers and experts need difficult degrees and years of experience before being trusted to carefully plan and complete well operations. Though it is a savvy DC political move to appoint a commissions whose conclusion is predetermined by its membership, in this case it could backfire.

Due to the complexity of deep sea drilling and exploration, and the rapid advancement in technology and procedure, often work on an oil rig involves quick reactions, as opposed to rigorous predetermined regulations that would act to bind the hands of the crew. If the oil commission lays out a static set of procedures and technologies for drilling, advancements in safety and risk control would come to a halt. Furthermore, on an oil rig where flexibility is necessary when facing a difficult set of circumstances, regulations could act as an impediment and increase the risk of disaster.

Experienced offshore engineers are aware of the necessity of flexibility mixed with rigorous safety requirements on a rig, but how could an environmental lawyer, a former governor, or a physics engineer know about day to day operations on an offshore rig. The majority of offshore drillers follow a rigorous set of industry standards. From the initial reports, it appears that BP habitually ignored best practices in order to cut costs. Punishing an entire industry that has had a near spotless drilling record in the last 40 years for the reckless behavior of one company is overkill.

More likely, this disaster that has caused so much pain for our Southern shore is being used for political purposes by those who naively want to eliminate drilling. Unfortunately, the anti-fossil fuel crowd is sorely out of touch with reality. Clean and renewable technologies are nowhere near a point where they could replace oil, natural gas, and coal. Even environmentalists would acknowledge that the transition would take at least 40 years, and even then these vital natural resources would be an important part of the energy mix.

If we were to eliminate drilling off our shores, we would see increased reliance on foreign oil, lost jobs, a shrinking economy, and a drop in the standard of living here at home. We need oil and gas for years to come, and we need to extract it safely. Adding onerous regulations that threaten this safety would be disastrous, yet are a real threat as a result of the inexperienced commission chosen by the White House. While the press certainly appreciates an unlikely hero during a crisis, the future safety and success of the U.

This is a left wing campaign strategy to use the New York Times as a tool to push a liberal agenda that would increase taxes on energy companies and consumers. An actual article in the New York Times seems to be one example of this strategy in action. The article is riddled with inaccuracies and misrepresentations that are easily spotted by anyone with a basic understanding or background in tax policy.

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As the chairman of the company that owns the world's largest search engine, Schmidt said "If there is a law that requires DNSs to do X and it's passed by both Houses of Congress and signed by the President of the United States and we disagree with it then we would still fight it. Journalist Rebecca MacKinnon argued in an op-ed that making companies liable for users' actions could have a chilling effect on user-generated sites like YouTube. A legal analysis by the Congressional Research Service CRS notes concerns by opponents such as American Express and Google that the inclusion of a private cause of action would result in stifled Internet innovation, protect outdated business models and at the cost of an overwhelming number of suits from content producers.

They are the golden goose of the economy and we cannot kill the golden goose to protect industries in decline," he said. Somewhere in China today, in Russia today, and in many other countries that do not respect American intellectual property, criminals who do nothing but peddle in counterfeit products and stolen American content are smugly watching how the United States Senate decided it was not even worth debating how to stop the overseas criminals from draining our economy.

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