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Do we desire God in this manner? He informs them that he has already made them clean John , and has pronounced them clean during the upper room foot washing John This is why he declared them clean, with the exception of Judas a clear indication dirty feet was not the idea. Jesus says this hours before going to the cross to bear their sins and make them clean. It is active. Abiding in Christ is not a feeling or a belief, but something we do. John further illustrates this abiding relationship with a parallel relationship of a vine and a branch.

We the branches are to be connected to him the Vine for our life and sustenance. Only in him can we bear fruit. But how? What does it look like to abide in Christ daily? A few descriptions from other godly saints help us get a picture:. To have His words abiding in us, is to keep His sayings and precepts continually before our memories and minds, and to make them the guide of our actions and the rule of our daily conduct and behavior.

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Abiding has a continual, hour-by-hour nature to it, a constant looking to Jesus through the Scriptures. These saints give incredible definitions to help us grasp abiding in Christ. T o abide in Christ daily requires dependence upon the Holy Spirit in which we do three things :. We daily preach the gospel to ourselves walk by faith ; plan to abide throughout our days focused time ; and read Scripture, pray, live in community with others, and fight sin intentional actions.

We do this as we live dependent upon the Holy Spirit to bring us closer to Christ. We do not solely want to be made right with God—we want to be with God. We are new creations in Christ, freed from sin and worldly pursuits to abide in him. And he gives us what we need to pursue this by giving us himself. May we yearn with holy urgency to know the depths and riches of the love of Christ, grasped through abiding.

His passion is to lead the local church to show Jesus as incomparably glorious. He loves preaching, leadership, and pouring into other leaders. Erik is married with three children. He is a graduate of Western Kentucky University with a B.

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Erik is a regular contributor to LifeWay Pastors. Because God has peace in Himself. Think of all that Scripture says about peace in relation to God. The Bible describes God as Here are 5 key passages from recent Christian content around the web, including one on the kinds of progress the Bible promises. I've Been Forgiven. Now What? Greear Ministries The necessary complement to forgiveness of sin is a release from the power of sin.

Why is this the case? In Christ, you share in His righteousness, and there is redemption into His family. The presence of the Holy Spirit comforts and brings rest to your soul.

This communion is the means of finding a peace that surpasses understanding Philippians , and in learning contentment whether in surplus or want Philippians Wisdom — abiding allows for the teaching of the Holy Spirit, as He reveals Christ, provides you with the mind of Christ and brings you spiritual discernment in life. You experience fellowship with Christ, a new love for others, and a genuine thankfulness towards God. Self is always looking for ways to regain control in your life and can succeed when there are pockets of unbelief, unwatchfulness in living, or a lack of gospel understanding.

Self will use these weaknesses to entice you with worldly prospects and lead you to wander away from Christ. When self is in control, you are unable to abide despite your attempts. While gospel application can improve your life in many areas, these horizontal desires can never become primary. When self is in control, the spiritual disciples, designed to nourish and sanctify you through receiving living water, will take on a self-serving, legalistic nature, and promote self-sufficiency and self-promotion Matthew Prayers become singular focused, petitioning God for blessing, and relief from suffering.

The praise and worship of God disappear. Time in the Word can become a legalistic checking-off-the-box activity, or becomes a pursuit of wisdom gaining, looking for the perfect verse to help advance personal desires. For example, an angry husband can use verses as a means to manipulate and gain control over his wife. Time in prayer or the Word should transform you by shaping your thinking and emotions by providing instruction about God, yourself, and the gospel.

Self-reliant Christianity is void of Holy Spirit nourishment and will lead to discouragement, increased unbelief lack of faith , bitterness, cynicism, and a hardening of the heart. You will become tempted to give in to sinful alternatives. Abiding is staying constant in your relationship with Christ, achieved by following and living like Christ. It is not a passive activity, but one conducted moment by moment, pursuing a deep relationship with Christ.

With faith, and obedience in place, you must cling to Christ, and work to know Him by:. As mentioned earlier, a lack of surrender and the loss of humility prevents you from abiding. The other significant hindrance to abiding is a lack of faith. If the desired excitement is not there, discouragement can enter as you fear the full blessing was not received, leading to unbelief. You must remember the whole process of Christianity is one of faith; not just limited to salvation.

Abiding requires faith. With a lack of faith, Christians will find themselves caught in a cycle. Conviction of the Holy Spirit will bring repentance, and restore abiding, but without faith, the cycle will start again. A lack of trust limits the full development of your ability to abide. As with our friends, their weak faith tempts them to wander and lose traction in their Christian life.

There is a vital relationship between faith and obedience. Obedience increases trust, and in turn, faith encourages obedience Psalm The working of the Holy Spirit provides comfort John , guides John , and enables life Romans , but only achieved by abiding in Christ.

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Successful sustained abiding only occurs when surrender, humility and faith work together to allow you to abide by and experience the full blessing the Christian life offers. Despite the indwelling presence of the Holy Spirit after regeneration, self-directed living leaves many Christians struggling. Hopefully, this series exposes the great nemesis and secret workings of self. Self desperately wants to remain in control but provides no power or solution for the sin and its impact on your life.

I hope and pray this series helps you to know yourself better, encourages you to fight the good fight of faith, and most importantly, helps you to enjoy the deep fellowship with Christ that abiding brings. He moved to Los Angeles to work in the Aerospace Industry. After 5 years of a difficult marriage, he and Lesa were saved. Shortly thereafter, they moved to Portland, Oregon and were blessed with a daughter. He currently works for the Navy as a civilian engineer. He lives outside Philadelphia. Our mission is to help people by providing practical tools and ongoing training for effective living.

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All rights reserved. In compliance with IRS c 3 policies, please know that all political opinions and legislative type statements made on this site are the opinions of the writers of this site and not necessarily the opinions of our company, The Counseling Solutions Group, Inc. Skip to content Skip to primary sidebar Skip to footer. Inconsistency in your walk can indicate a breakdown in abiding; the process of maintaining a full, dependent, and intimate relationship with God through following Christ. Abiding Benefits Abiding is the only way to receive the full power of the Spirit, allowing you to have daily, hourly and constant victory over the flesh and sin.

Get More Graphics The left-hand side of the mind-map shows the setting of abiding.

The right-hand side of the map shows the promises attained from abiding.