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She has also written numerous articles onhealth and nutrition for the popular press. She completed her undergraduate education at StanfordUniversity, where she received the Deans? Award for AcademicAchievement and graduated with Honors and Distinction. Yazdany also studied public health at HarvardUniversity. Her research involves examining health disparities inthe care of patients with chronic diseases. This is her firstbook. Arthritis for Dummies. Arthritis For Dummies is a book for the millions who sufferfrom chronic joint conditions classified under arthritis lookingfor lasting relief.

Medical treatment for psoriatic arthritis includes the following.

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Tumor necrosis factor-alpha TNF-alpha inhibitors decrease the molecule tumor necrosis factor, which initiates inflammation in the body and leads to morning stiffness, swollen or tender joints, and pain. Steroids may be injected into an affected joint to quickly reduce inflammation. Joint replacement surgery repairs or replaces severely damaged joints with artificial ones made of plastic and metal.

Making lifestyle changes can prevent and control flares as well as alleviate the muscle weakness and joint stiffness associated with psoriatic arthritis. Lifestyle remedies include the following:. However, you can lessen their impact by proactively controlling your symptoms and the inflammation. Psoriasis causes flare-ups of red, patchy skin or skin lesions that can occur anywhere.

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Psoriatic arthritis is a form of arthritis that can develop…. Fatigue is one of the most common symptoms of psoriatic arthritis.

Learn more about this connection and easy ways to boost your energy. When you have PsA, checkups are part of the deal. But are you seeing your rheumatologist for everything you should be?

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Here are 7 reasons to book an…. Prevent PsA hand stiffness with these three hand exercises. Learning the jargon linked to these conditions. There are certain activities that cause undo damage on your joints and you may not even know it. Learn tips about taking some strain off of the joints,. Symptoms of psoriatic arthritis.

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Triggers of psoriatic arthritis flares. Duration of psoriatic arthritis flare-ups. Medical treatment of psoriatic arthritis. Lifestyle remedies for psoriatic arthritis. Long-term outlook. You should also consider acquiring removable insoles or orthotics for your shoes to provide your foot with more support.

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Knee, ankle and foot supports, including tensor bandages and braces that provide mild compression and support can help reduce stress placed on the joint. However, like the large joints such as hip and knee, conservative treatment sometimes will not work at all on a patient and more likely, will help for a while, but due to the increasing severity of the arthritis, will eventually cease helping the patient.

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Surgical options to realign or replace joints will then need to be considered. Finally, remember that it is not normal for joints to hurt anywhere in your body. If you are experiencing frequent or recurring foot pain, it's time to visit your doctor.

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Nearby Places. If your feet hurt when you get up mornings, read this.

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