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I love Sherrilyn, she never let me down with her books, and despite everything, she is a wise woman and great author, so if you have not read Sherri's books before, do it now! Another thing that is important for this story is that is meant to be read after Born of Silence at least. It gives you better insight to Maris and Darling's relationship which is damn complicated considering those two are inseparable. And mostly because those two plots are pretty much connected, unlike the other books well, actually, the book starts with one of the scenes from the end of Born of Silence.

Maris Sulle has been one of my favorite characters in the whole league series. He is and will be always adorable and great character. And i was out of my mind when i first saw that he would be getting his own story, and with Ture! I liked Ture from the moment he appeared in Born of Silence , but Maris captured my heart in both this and all the others Still, no one can beat Darling Cruel on my fav list.

Maris Sulle is one of the fiercest and deadliest assassins of Phrixians race, but also a disowned prince. He is a part of Sentella, but not active member so he goes as civilian. Maris has always been a dear friend of Darling Cruel, and he would do anything for him - even give up his own happiness to see Darling with woman he loved.

Maris is highly loyal to Darling, because Darling saved his life multiple time, and without him, he would be no one and nothing. He saved him when Maris' family disowned him and he gave him reason to be alive. And he will never forget that debt. He is funny, he is adorable and he is truly wonderful guy - but he also keeps secrets, more dangerous that people think.

Secrets of his own race. He is badass, fierce, and he doesn't trust easily. He will always and forever love Darling, even though he will never have him, but he accepted it. But he needs his own happiness too, but he is tired of hurting himself Maris felt his throat tighten. But as much as I despise killing, I hate losing someone I love a lot more. How, with all my training and skills, can I stand back and let the ones I love most risk or lose their lives and do nothing for them? So when he meets Ture, he shows Maris that not every person is same and that he will accept everything that he is.

My heart is scarred and in pieces, too. It's no wonder why he would rather be alone, then be hurt again. And his true watery form was adorable.. Ture is a friend of Zarya's, Darling's wife, and he rarely trusts people. They only hurt him and crushed his hopes, and because of that he sees only the worst in them. He believes that there are no people who would do anything for love and he refuses to believe in that. Until Darling and Maris appeared and showed him that there are people worth fighting, loving, and dying for.

Ture was interesting, and he was perfect balance for Maris, which i loved. Now that Ture had found one, he wanted to hold on to it for awhile. But even as that thought went through him, he knew the truth. Love never lasted. People betrayed. And lovers inevitably disappointed each other. Ture tried to squelch that treacherous thought. Hope had never been kind to him. Darling was amazing in this book, and as always, there to support Maris, and his choices. I just can't stop loving him no matter what i do! You gotta prep a little bit. The baby daddy plot was just weird — nuff said.

Pros and cons aside though I totally enjoyed the book and will continue the series!

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At the end of Born of Silence all I wanted was for Maris to get his own book, and I thought that wouldn't happen since Kenyon alludes to his relationship with Tuere so much. So i figured that was all he would get! Can not wait to read this! View all 4 comments. This definitely calls for a happy dance!!!! I cannot wait until this book comes out!! I'm counting down the minutes until I own this book!!!! If you don't like homosexual romance in general then you might not want to read this book. I found this book to be everything that I love about Sherrilyn Kenyon's writing. The romance was different from what she has wrote about in the past but seeings how the r This definitely calls for a happy dance!!!!

The romance was different from what she has wrote about in the past but seeings how the romance was different from traditional romance, what can you expect? The humor was amazing. There were parts of this book that actually had me laughing out loud. The action was great and believe me there was plenty of it. After reading this book I can see why she didn't want to make it longer or shorter. It was perfect just as it was. While I do wish that this book had been published in paper I'm even more happy that it was published at all. I give this book five stars and wish I could give it more!

I can't wait for Hauk's story to come out next year! I am so disappointed in this book. I really love The League series, I feel that this is Kenyon's most innovative and creative story line, not a lot of repeated stereotypical romance formula present. That being said, I'm so so sad that this book ended up being so predictable.. Maris and Ture feel like flat characters in this book, while in the last book both seemed animated. Their relationship is boring.

The romance scenes are boring. The fight scenes are boring. The to I am so disappointed in this book. The torture scenes are boring! This book would've been much better if the characters and storyline had been longer and fleshed out. Kenyon's team has posted on Facebook that there was no more material to add, hence the ebook only publication at this point. I'm so disappointed that she didn't pull a page out of Acheron's book and go back in time to tell more of Maris' story, or even Ture's. She could've expanded on a Phrixian storyline, or, as you're nauseatingly told over and over, both of Maris and Ture have been hurt, why didn't an old flame come between them?

Or a crazy abusive one try to break back in so Maris could show his warrior side? Or, for crying out loud, why didn't the book include more of the war that they just started in the last novel?! But nope. They just think over and over "I've been too hurt I'm pretty surprised that neither of them fainted after this. There were many places this storyline could've gone and didn't.

I think that it would have been better to publish this as a side story in another novel, or in an anthology. It almost has no place within The League storyline and it feels awkward in my head to include the minuscule amount of information presented here, that progressed the overall storyline of the series along I'm glad I didn't pay anymore for it, and it is fitting that the worst book I've read by Kenyon was the cheapest.

I guess it was worth reading if your other option is watching reruns of MASH or staring at a wall. Also, piss poor job done when it comes to trying to promote equality for GLBT communities. The author's note was straight up "don't judge me, I'd never do anything like what my characters are doing Way to hedge your bets and try to appeal to both sides while staying in line with heteronormativity. There were two sex scenes, one of them interrupted and short, and they were awkward and unrealistic. If you read or wanted to read this novel for the GLBT romance line, I'm sorry it sucks and don't bother.

Try reading J. View 1 comment. I am so Happy Maris got his HEA, even though I still want him for Darling and its hard to get over that thought, I love them so much together but Maris will always be just a friend for Darling View all 10 comments. Review can be found at The Blog of Sid Love. View all 17 comments. Also posted on Amazon: Over the years I have read most of Kenyon's books and over the last few years I have seen them slowly become worse in plot and writing- several typos and wrong words here and there, and all possessing the same plot Man has a horrible background- poor them!

Suddenly all of their problems are fixed and they are so totally in love that they get marrie Also posted on Amazon: Over the years I have read most of Kenyon's books and over the last few years I have seen them slowly become worse in plot and writing- several typos and wrong words here and there, and all possessing the same plot Man has a horrible background- poor them!

Suddenly all of their problems are fixed and they are so totally in love that they get married and have babies. Because of this, I have been turned off her books. I decided to cave this book for several reasons: 1 I wanted to support an author who was willing to bring a homosexual relationship into regular fiction and 2 It was very cheap compared to the rest of her books. This book is not sexy. At all. Usually there's at least a sizzle and spark between them, but it was almost completely glossed over in this book. The sex was also not hot at all and lasted about a paragraph.

I found it an interesting idea having an amphibious main character as I haven't read any other books with that kind of character in it before. Ture's cooking sounds divine, but his sudden blurting out of a love confession was way too quick and had little to no build up. Other than talking about him coming out to his family, there is little backstory. One thing that annoyed me a lot was the seeming blase way they handled death.

One: Why is Ture so muscled if he wasn't from a warrior culture seriously, why would a chef get that built on a world like that? Not even going to cry a little bit? Okay then. Three: He killed his brother and seemed nonchalant, but it was stated earlier that he couldn't shoot properly, and why is Ture suddenly so blase about killing when earlier he was trying not to vomit? Positives: Kudos for bringing a homosexual relationship into mainstream paranormal fiction. Kudos for creating an amphibious character. Kudos for making a chef a main character and making food that sounds delicious.

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This will probably be the last book of hers I read but hopefully the quality of Kenyon's books returns to that of books like Night Pleasures etc. Maris Sulle has spent most his life devoted to the one man he loves but can never have, the happily married Darling Cruel the only person who has ever loved him for exactly who he was. But, when on a mission he rescues the jaded Ture and feels a connection he can't seem to deny. But they both must overcome their past and insecurities especially when danger seems to be following them.

I feel like I have been waiting for this book forever; it is the book in the The League series that I have been Maris Sulle has spent most his life devoted to the one man he loves but can never have, the happily married Darling Cruel the only person who has ever loved him for exactly who he was. I feel like I have been waiting for this book forever; it is the book in the The League series that I have been anticipating the most, I just wanted Maris to have his HEA after all the horrible events he has endured. Like with all Sherrilyn Kenyon books though, the road to true love is paved with torture, persecution and betrayal, and although some of the melodrama does have my eyes rolling, mostly my eyes were glued to my kindle screen desperate to see what would happen next.

I really enjoyed this book, it was worth the wait, the romance essentially was rather sweet as the both look past each others scars, internal and external, and fall in love, with some hot 'n steamy scenes to keep us drooling. The League is definitely one of my favourite series, full of romance, action and heartbreak and I can't wait to read more. I want it and I want it NOW View 2 comments.

I feel like Maris deserved so much more than this. He should have a totally epic romance like everyone else. Instead of this novella length story of his totally vanilla relationship with a chef which was set up by a friend. No offense to normal people, but this is The League and Sherrilyn Kenyon we are talking about! Plus, after Maris' lifelong devotion to Darling, I thought it would take so much more for him to fall in love with someone else.

This was too rushed. Plus, I didn't like how the book I feel like Maris deserved so much more than this. Plus, I didn't like how the book seemed to think that all gay men are effeminate. If Maris and Ture were both effeminate, fine. But it felt to me more like the book was actually trying to say that there are no other kind of gay men. It was weird, and annoying.

Sadly, mm is not her forte. I expected so much more from t I'm sorry Kenyon, but that what the hell was that? Let me count the ways 1. Romance: I've always liked your romance scenes Kenyon because they're so intimate and slow. Well, I can't say you didn't do one thing right But overall, I'm just disappointed. This is. I cannot believe it. I really really liked many of her books. But this. Not good at all. Ugly and most hated insta-love makes a swift appearance. Ture is a girl. Sorry, but he is. He is described as a beautiful and muscular man, but he is a girl.

And a needy, clingy one at that, with the accompanying sob story, how he never could trust anyone. And Maris. He is also beautiful beyond compare of course without knowing it. And his fighting style and skills defy description this is actually the expression the author used. This might be the reason why the author just quit trying with the describing. It is all tell, no showing. Oh, and obviously the author believes all gay men to be girls at heart. Otherwise I cannot understand the "feminine gestures" and the giggling and all the other silly stuff, that is probably meant to make clear that the hero's a gay guy, and not a macho hetero prince.

One little gem: "Impressed with both their fighting skills, Ture frowned at Zarya. And all gays are little limp-wristed girly twinks, or what? Cliched and prejudiced much? This was such a huge disappointment. I loved Acheron, but this was so annoying that I had to DNF, otherwise my little kindle would have been in danger when I turn into the incredible pink Hulk. To be fair, I haven't read anything else in the series the league - maybe Maris is a solid character there and you can overlook stuff like "Maris has always been a sucker for a man in pain" - yeah nothing more sexy than blood and gore and torture - and his strange, silly behaviour.

So, rant over. View all 5 comments. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. In my books i like my gay men staunch and well hell even just like men! Certainly not calling everyone under the sun sweetie, baby or honey and they certainly don't refer to themselves as queens or bitches. It all just seemed so forced and stereo typial gayness, his personality and history just does not make sense with what came through in this book.

This book was so rushed and very awkwardly written. Its like a 60 year old monk trying to write a sexbook. Ya lost me on this one Sherrilyn. Also when Tures "i think of her like a sister" gets murdered, heck did they even bury her body or did they just all get on with it while her body rotts on the floor of his restuarant? I find it so hard to believe you are the same author that wrote Dark hunters. I actually just checked Holy balls! After the fan backlash of Born of Silence and the lamest reasonings imaginable to make a beloved gay character straight I suppose Sherrilyn Kenyon felt she owed it to her fans to give us a gay love story.

And to be honest she did. For some reason this book is listed as number six, but at less than pages and it already being revealed in Born of Silence that Maris gets his HEA with Ture this book should really be listed as 5. Because in Born of Silence their love seemed based on the fact that they are the only two actually gay characters, and since there is no one else for them to hook up with they might as well be with each other.

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Be prepared because once again this book is filled with torture porn. Just one character with a family who loves them and is still alive. How does a severely emotionally crippled person grocery shop when there is bounty on their head? The story starts out seeming like its going to be filled with ridiculous gay stereotypes. It picks up when Zarya and by default Ture are rescued from a League Prison. Which is so ludicrous. Also I was really sick of reading about how in love Maris is with Darling. News flash Gay people have friends of the same gender who they are not in love with, and Gay people are as capable of not falling in love with straight people as straight people are of not falling in love with Gay people.

Stereotypes were put aside, and we did get to see two people fall in love. Also there was added motivation to keep the series going, the new conflict could fuel more than a few books. We also learned more about the Phrixians, and it was cool to learn they are not really human. And maybe we will get another gay storyline that is an actual full book.

I feel like I have been waiting forever for this book. It's been more than a year since I read Born of Silence , and despite the elapsed time, my enthusiasm has never waned about seeing Maris and Ture's story. I will say this, League fans, be sure you've read that book before reading this one or you will be spoiled to high heaven. Two men who have known nothing but betrayal and derision. Two men who have never been loved. Essentially, you're doubling the Kenyon effect. For fans, it's really win-win. It starts with Ture and Zarya being tortured by the League and follows the events through their rescue and recovery.

Neither thought they could make a real go of it, though. Maris was too in love with Darling and Ture was too tied up in his work. Yet, the more time they spend together, the more they are unable to ignore their growing regard and attraction. And before they know it, they fall in love and their walls come crashing down. There are problems, of course. Their emotional scars run deep, but the external threat is serious. There is a huge target on Maris' back, which means danger for Ture by extension. And there is the Darling-factor.

Maris fears his love for his best friend will forever keep him from a real relationship. But there is really no doubt that each man has finally found someone who would never hurt or betray him. As for the sex The lube issue notwithstanding, I was generally satisfied and I think most readers will be too. Overall, I enjoyed it, though it was a bit predictable. It was also a little over-the-top at times, with lines like: "Tell me what it's like to be held by someone who really loves you" and "I can't be hurt anymore.

I am tired of it. Rating: B View all 3 comments. Maris, what a sweetheart. This poor man has been beaten, battered, bullied and unloved most of his life except for one person Darling. It has been painful to watch his love for Darling over the last books. While Darling loves him it is not a romantic love, and yet it is unbreakable.

Maris has told his lovers that he will never love anyone more than his precious friend and with that they leave him. So, he stands to the side watching his friend have the love he will never get and willing to live t Maris, what a sweetheart. So, he stands to the side watching his friend have the love he will never get and willing to live that way forever. His suffering might come to an end with one rescue. He rescues someone who will challenge everything he believes in about his worth, and his ability to love.

This new guy is absolutely wonderful. He's a chef, an honest man, a generous friend and has known his own sorrows for too long. Together, these two struggle to go beyond the scars. I love these characters in this series, the good guys, not the bad guys. These are good solid people, who offer themselves up for the good of others. Maris and Ture are two of the best. I loved reading this story it left me smiling and there is nothing wrong with that.

This book starts off with rescue, and it captured my attention right away, yay! I will be reading more of this series for sure. I love how Kenyon worked all the pieces together, it was pure interwoven awesomeness for sure. I can re-read this again, and again, it was just that good Maris and Ture Audiobook, very good!

I loved it! Maris is my little favourite since Born of Silence and I am really happy that he finally found someone although I would be perfectly happy with a Darling-Maris love story too :P sorry, but I'm still not a fan of Z Anyway, there was some wtf point in the sex scene, I mean Maris and Ture have to be really skilled to just 'slid inside' without any lubrication or preparation Other than this it was a very delicious morsel to a hardcore League fan because you cannot not laugh when t I loved it!

Other than this it was a very delicious morsel to a hardcore League fan because you cannot not laugh when the Sentella guys show up and start bitching and teasing : I love this bunch of idiots and can't wait for Born of Fury, it is a shame that we can't get it till next year Okay, so first things first.

I love SK. Witnessed by the fact that if this series was written by anyone else, I never would have even touched it. I enjoyed Nyk's story and Sin's story and Caillen's story despite listening to it via audiobook and finding out the "real" pronunciation of Caillen's name. I have stumbled a bit over the 2nd generation stories.

And then came Darling's story, which I had been very much looking forward to I mean, I guess she followed the vo Okay, so first things first. I mean, I guess she followed the voice of the story in her head, but it felt like a bitter cop-out to me. I was so incredibly disappointed. So yeah, now we get Maris' story. In some ways, I find the timing of this release to be a bit curious and coincidental.

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I mean, SK has a popular vampire series The other author put out a hardcover book, full production. It was long and involved and she gave those boys the full measure of her writing ability. They got the same literary treatment as all the other heterosexual characters in the series. First, the book came out on Kobo It came out nearly in secret to the outside world I had to download a new reader Then, the book starts with, essentially, an apology from the writer about why she even wrote the thing.

And finally, the length was She has written 4 books about one mortal character's life, for crying out loud. Yet she cannot give full measure to Maris.

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He does not get equal literary treatment as her heterosexual characters I am a bit heart-broken actually. For Maris, for Ture, for SK I am fully on the fence about whether I want to give her props for going there at all, since it was clearly so terrifying for her. But considering some of the truly amazing m-m fiction I've read this year alone, including a similar story by a very similar author, she really, really Can't wait to read this.

I loved Maris in Born of Silence. Now having said that. Who wants to live like that?

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  8. I fell in love with Maris in the previous book and it was so nice to get this little insight into his world. I still find it hard to picture Maris as the fierce warrior he can be and I really loved how this book showed both sides of this lovable character. I also loved the history behind Maris's species, I really didn't realise he isn't human and it was so cool to see another great alien in this series.

    Ture is really the perfect man and I loved how he accepted every aspect of Maris's life. Their relationship built so nicely and I fell in love with both of them and the story went on. This series has really captivated me and I'm completely invested in the lives of these characters.

    Their love for each other is heart-warming and I have to admit every minute that I'm not immersed in this world is just boring and lonely. The banter between the characters is hysterical and with every book I get more and more excited for the next character's story. So I'll admit that I've never read anything else by this author, but I have GR friends who do and so I found out about this book. I was hesitant to buy this because being the 6th book in an ongoing series I thought I would be totally lost, but I caved.

    I was amazed, this author did a wonderful and tasteful job with this character's story and now I find myself wanting to read more of this series and the rest of her books-though this story was written in a way that I didn't feel like I was missing So I'll admit that I've never read anything else by this author, but I have GR friends who do and so I found out about this book. I was amazed, this author did a wonderful and tasteful job with this character's story and now I find myself wanting to read more of this series and the rest of her books-though this story was written in a way that I didn't feel like I was missing anything.

    Maris' and Ture just break my heart; and I wonder how all these guys just didn't go insane. No one should go through even half of what this men have survived, so their resilience and strength is just amazing to witness. Really an extraordinary cast of characters, who I hope I'll be able to get to know better I'm getting my hands on the prior books in the series. About minutes ago I could have put currently reading. I bought, started, and finished it within 2. While it is a short book especially in comparison to the rest in the series it is more than well worth the read.

    Maris and Ture are perfect for each other, even in their inconsistencies and flaws. I love the way Sherrilyn Kenyon makes you live inside of her characters. They are vibrant, funny, and so full of life. Poor Darling. But for me, it was past time for Maris to get his happy ending. And Sherrilyn Kenyon could have have created a better hero for one of my all time favorite book heroes! Super happy that Sherrilyn Kenyon put a same sex couple as the leads! My only issue is that it's too short, so the ending is really kinda abrupt.

    Whimsical Writing Scale: 3. Swoon Worthy Scale: Mari This corporation is a complete masochistic and terror-inducing entity that will kill anybody including its own to keep people in line with their political beliefs. It's one of my favorite aspects of this novella and it made me excited to keep reading the series. Villain Scale: 5 I love the characters. Plotastic Scale: 4. Reviews of The League Series: 1. Born of Fire 5 stars 3. Born of Ice 4. Born of Shadows 4. Born of Silence 5 stars One of the fiercest soldiers the Phrixians have ever produced, Maris Sulle has been an outsider his whole life.

    He grew up with a secret that cost him everything - his birthright, his family, his military career. He's only ever had one love, and Maris has sacrificed that to see his best friend reunited with the woman he loves. His good deed done, he now feels lost and adrift My Rating: 3 of 5 Stars Published July 10th Fans of the League series need wait no more - Maris is getting his own book.

    His good deed done, he now feels lost and adrift. Even though his new family does its best to include him, he's once again on the outside looking in. Ture has spent his life hiding from everyone around him while trying desperately to fit in. Badly hurt by everyone he's ever known, he trusts no one except his best friend - and honestly, he can't understand why he trusts her.

    Nor can he believe her when she describes a loyalty between friends the likes of which he's never seen. But in his darkest hour, Ture is saved by a hero he thought only existed in novels, a man every bit as scarred and mistrusting as he is and who has no interest in being dragged into another relationship with anyone. Having spent his life as a living study of doomed relationships, Maris is well aware of the fiasco that must inevitably follow courtship. Still, there is something about Ture he can't resist - something that won't let him walk away even when he knows he should.

    And when old enemies return to threaten them both, these two must either stand together or die alone. I was quite surprised when this book came to my attention. I never expected Sherrilyn Kenyon to give us her sixth installment of The League Series where her two main characters are men. I can just imagine the outcry of her League fans - crying out probably why Ms. Kenyon decided to write an MM book. And that is coming from a League fan and reader who is also an avid MM reader. Some things bothered me though, when I started reading. The Author's Note. I am a little hesitant to mention this but I read it twice before I actually went into the story.

    I got the impression that Ms. Kenyon was hesitant to write an MM story. I don't know, is it just me? I don't know. Now for the book However, this is when I actually started doubting the sincerity of this written work.

    go to link Please don't get me wrong. Where Ture and Maris were playful, animated and quite naughty in League 5, here in League 6, that all disappeared. There was absolutely no continuity to their characters. I got the impression that their comfort level dropped.