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The duration of this course is 90 minutes of rich eLearning, 8 knowledge checks and interactive scenario-based case studies, videos 40 minutes of guided videos and moreover a rich content. Also, thanks to our latest digital bookmarking feature Stop and Resume your course at your convenience to have your personalized learning pace. This course is featuring David Daoud , an Innovator and entrepreneur with 18 years in Business, Projects and Operations leadership.

This course is the product of hundreds of hours interviewing candidates from several countries, culture and background from the Financial Industry, Education, Information Technologies and more. We invite you to follow a progressive learning path allowing you to get some foundations of the job interviewing skills before to jump in the advanced topics. Michael Lau — June 17, Sebastien — June 17, Clear and concise content explained at the lowest level without boring those who have experience.

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Omar Chaar — June 17, Abbass Saloume — June 17, This course is an excellent for anyone who wants to discover a bit more the job interview process so that there are less surprises the D Day. Sue Wan — June 17, Katia D. Notify me of new posts by email. Your end goal of finding a job must be more meaningful. After all, this is the goal that will drive your entire search! It must constantly lead you in the right direction to keep your search focused and get you that dream job. You are probably familiar with S.

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If your goal is not S. Developing your S. When searching for a new job, you must develop numerical goals for yourself. Start jotting down a to-do list. Write down four or five key things you need to accomplish — every day — and check them off as you complete them. Create a target number for how many jobs you would like to apply to every day, how many people you want to connect with on LinkedIn, or how many articles you want to read to brush up on industry trends.

Making and keeping track of a list of small numerical goals will keep you on the right track and help you feel productive. I promise that setting realistic, numerical goals will put you in the right mindset and lead to a successful job search. Not if you develop a daily routine!

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When you are at work, you have a schedule and must accomplish certain tasks every day. Right here! These Minute Fix graduates nabbed their dream jobs after their sessions.

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I was so hopeful that Joanne would help me write the cover letter I needed for my job application. But I was nervous too, worrying that my cover letter skills were too far gone to be helped!

There is a lot to do before now and your hire date.

The Fix exceeded all my expectations. Not only was Joanne able to fix my cover letter in 60 minutes but she was able to talk me through her editing process in an accessible way, giving me the tools to continue on by myself with confidence. Joanne helped me create an outstanding cover letter that captured my personality and highlighted my work in a professional way.

To be able to receive such thoughtful and constructive feedback on my work, and the editing needed to take it to the next level, I would absolutely seek the Fix again! I was invited for several interviews and ended up getting my dream job as a result of this process. I recommend this for anyone needing objective and critical feedback on their writing.

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