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June the beginning of another long, prosperous summer for Britain. But beneath the clear skies, all is not as it seems - the chill wind of social discontent swirls around this sceptred isle. This is the story of five British communitie I received a free copy of this book from Net Galley in exchange for an honest review. All that they have known will be changed forever by the catastrophic events of the Great War.

This is a very hard book to review well as I am still not sure quite what to say about it. On the upside, after an initial struggle, I really did engage with the characters after about the first third of the book. The chronicle of their lives before and during the war, their struggles and challenges in dealing with their new lives was quite captivating. Also, the historical detail was excellent - I could feel a sense of place while reading it, even though the Great War ended nearly years ago.

That is an awesome skill However, that same attention to detail is also one of the downsides. While, at times, the narrative was good, it did get bogged down quite a lot, almost like a textbook rather than a novel. Also, the dialogue seem to suffer from the same problem. Just felt like it was out of place, or out of kilter, to the rest of the book. The other issue I had, and almost caused me to give up, was the writing style. One reviewer described it like a voice-over for a documentary and I feel that was the best description.

It took quite a while for me to get the feel for the style. Historically, a good story with decent characters and a sense of what happened. But overall, it just didn't quite hit the mark for me Paul ARH Oct 07, Nigel rated it it was amazing. Realistic, gritty and completely absorbing. Not the type of writing to win shelves of awards, but the battle scenes are mesmerising, the characters from all walks of the social spectrum were, for me, believably honest.

Whilst I was aware of the painfully turbulent times in our political history, this novel lays bare, how difficult this period must have been to live through, especially with the incredible poverty many had to endure. My one criticism, and it is a small one for a book I would desc Realistic, gritty and completely absorbing. While I will claim to be a fan of the great man, I am aware of his many failings.

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Mr Binns however, appears to be totally unaware of any of these faults and throughout this story constantly blames all those around him. Nov 29, Lee Scordis rated it liked it Shelves: historical-fiction , world-war-fiction. Had a lot of potential but started quite slowly. Certainly picked up towards the end but at times it did feel that you were reading a text book. Would have been four stars, but way too much telling when showing would have been more compelling.

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  • Feb 25, Danielle Urban rated it it was amazing. The Shadow of War by Stewart Binns is a sensational historical piece. Readers, who were born way after this war and WWII, will finally be able to get an insider's view to the battle that happened in June Stewart Binn's novel takes readers deep into the historical events of the war. The people it affected and the places it took place. Brilliantly well-written and the characters are well-developed.

    Readers will feel like they went back in time and are experiencing it all first hand. The battles were real, the losses were many, and suffering all around you. Men going into the unknown to fight off enemies. Rich and poor will go through the war experience alike. Never know if you will survive the war or not. The fear feels so real, readers will feel their foreheads sweat in anticipation The Shadow of War by Stewart Binns captures the realism of the war and the people involved.

    Stewart Binns definitely knows how to bring history alive at his readers fingertips. I love history.

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    • This story was fast-paced, thrilling, and absolutely spectacular. The people who lived during this time period were fascinating. Readers will get a glimpse into those people's lives especially the poor ones. Railroads taking away business from towns Education, water, and illnesses are transparent all inside this great read.

      It was like watching it all come live in front of one's eyes.

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      I can see this book and many others by this talented writer in becoming a movie series. Not many today understand, remember, or know what it was like during this time period Dwindling resources I look forward to reading more novels in the future by Stewart Binns Overall, I highly recommend this novel to readers worldwide. I surprised myself by flying through this novel - considering that it is rather a large volume! As expected with a novel focused on war history, the themes of this book are provocative and the reader cannot help but be moved and become emotionally engaged with the war.

      While the plot isn't particularly innovative or original in terms of plot and action how can it be, when stories of the war have been presented and reviewed so many times? The writing style was rather original and dare I say unusual, as it had an omniscient feel, but there was distance between the writer and therefore the reader , and the characters plus there are quite a few of them, to keep up with.

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      Yet regardless, a few chapters in, I had warmed to the characters and had become engaged. The story was unarguably heart-warming, and will leave any reader with a sense of British pride. Binns avoided war-history cliches and repetitions, and was respectful and moving in his presentation of real-life events. If I had to criticise, I would say that this novel could be shorter, and there wasn't a need for it to be so lengthy. The plot did slow in places as is natural for such a long novel , but this wasn't a major problem and I read it very quickly regardless.

      I would certainly recommend this intelligent and heart-warming novel to any adult reader. I received this book as part of Goodreads Firstreads programme, and I am grateful to the publisher, the author and to Goodreads for sending it to me.

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      Oct 20, Lauren rated it really liked it Shelves: first-reads. I received this book courtesy of a Goodreads first reads giveaway. This book gives a heartbreaking account of the beginning of the Great War. It took me a while to get into as there were so many different characters to grasp and different communities to deal with but once I did I became emotionally involved in the events that took place.

      I liked how as war progressed characters from different communities collided with each others lives in some way. I use the term 'characters' loosely as it is cle I received this book courtesy of a Goodreads first reads giveaway. I use the term 'characters' loosely as it is clear a lot of research has been done into this book and it includes a lot of facts, this could suggest it would read more like a history book rather than a work of fiction but for me it helped to fully comprehend how awful the situation was.

      It is also a reminder the horrific true events that happened. The rhetorical "imagination" exists, but did people really experience militarization? Did they even care about foreign threats? The author finds "teasing evidence" of militarization in the New Deal's mobilizing phrases and in King's use of military terms. Homophobia and male chauvinism flourished all the way to the White House, as Sherry explains.

      Zeiler on Sherry, 'In the Shadow of War: The United States since the 1930s'

      But were these products of militarization, or just plain prejudice that persists regardless of war ideology? Surely, tyranny against lesbians, gays, women, and minorities, moreover, preceded the s, and thus the era of militarization. The battle of the sexes between tennis stars Billy Jean King and Bobby Riggs could be seen as silly entertainment which Sherry calls it , rather than as an indication of a war on feminism. In short, how do we know that words represent cultural bellwethers, and not just self-serving politicking or image-making on the part of leaders?

      And then there are the liberals. The Cold War consensus certainly converted many, though not all, liberals into confrontational enemies of the Soviet Union. They were not above race and gender bias, and often neglected social justice crusades. But Sherry's liberals are realist tough-guys who led us into conflict abroad and militarization at home. Liberals, never adequately defined as Democrats, leftists, or some combination, used national defense goals even more than conservatives, he argues, and opposed only the excesses McCarthyism but not the thrust of militarization.

      Communist and radicals champion racial equality, writes Sherry. Liberals, captives of southerners in the Democratic Party, do not. Actually, the best the Democrats can find for a hero in this book is sexist conservative Sam Ervin. Liberals do not even support their own president, according to Sherry. Carter suffered desertions in arms control talks, as Democrats rolled over to and many supported Reagan's defense buildup. One wonders if a liberal agenda ever even existed! Surely not all liberalism or liberals can be placed under the rubric of militarization. They should get some credit for the end of legal segregation, greater rights for gender groups, and anti-poverty programs.

      Liberals Democrats? Sherry's imagination seems, at times, to run wild. Equating Douglas MacArthur with Truman on Korean War goals, or comparing Barry Goldwater with liberals who shared a disgust with America's flaccid leadership when firmness was needed in the Cold War, or noting Reagan's attraction to pacifist liberals who agreed with the president that the military should be used sparingly, Sherry relishes the times when liberalism converged with militarization. In fact, he hardly makes a distinction between the two. And in doing so, he unfairly downplays liberal efforts to change aggressive policy at home and abroad.

      For instance, neoconservatives are emphasized, even named, in a section on nuclear arms. Meanwhile, the nuclear freeze movement gets brief attention, with no mention of Ted Kennedy or Mark Hatfield by name as sponsors of freeze legislation. And freeze advocates are described as rather moderate in their aims, especially when compared to foreign protesters. There is always a negative, even for reformers. Furthermore, a reliance on rhetoric perhaps causes Sherry to overlook a crucial fact. Liberals had to say tough things, even if they did not believe them or privately hoped to pacify Americans Kennedy's rhetoric comes to mind , in order to stay in office during the Cold War.

      Such posturing is, of course, a major part of Sherry's militarization thesis, which serves as a useful umbrella to cover history since the s. Other paradigms, however, might be just as suitable. My top choice is simply the impact of World War II, which loosens the interpretation from the ideological strictures of militarization.

      From the subordinate roles played by women in the space program to the gestapo mentality of Watergate henchmen to the disgusting story of homosexual oppression in the military, World War II was a "touchstone" p. Should this happen to you, then we'd recommend picking off the Warchiefs one by one, instead of charging headlong into battle in a Fortress Assault with every Warchief still alive and guarding the Fortress.

      Try and seek out the Warchief's bodyguards in the region, and try and recruit them, as this will force them to betray the Warchief when you eventually face off with them. Now, we'll run down a few tips and tricks you need to ensure Talion's success in repelling the Dark Lord's attacks in the Shadow Wars:. Since we're mainly dealing with defending Fortresses in this Shadow Wars guide, it'd be appropriate if we ran down the very best Fortress upgrades that you can buy.

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