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Dark, sarcastic type, but supportive. She is astoundingly beautiful, and the main interest to the ladies man, but she ends up falling for the Asian geek, whom she has much in common. Must be brunnette and some cleaveage.

Onscreen kiss required. Cute and beautiful Asian sister to gamer geek, a popular but rather ditsy type.

Jonnie Reinhart on Instagram: “Stay golden, girl. (My last @americanidol post, I promise!) ✨”

Main loves interest to ladies man. Previous audition: Casting workshop for Macbeth - York. Next audition: Female card dealer required in Canberra area for 21st of March. Please choose at least one role to apply for.

You have been blocked by this member. You have blocked this member. Applications are now closed. Apply from all USA. Wrote the story and posted online with overwhelming response. Fansites soon followed, and the demand to see it become a movie became a life's goal.

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The movie itself is unpaid but a copy will be provided, and partial proceeds of DVD's sold online. Will be submitted to festivals and a contact in Legendary pictures. It's sure to be a fun experience, as we have a great cast so far, a hardworking crew and a winning script with a built-in fanbase.

♫ "Don't Cry Joni" ❖ Conway Twitty ♫

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Jonnie the Girl

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