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Temporary changes in Australia's daylight saving timing for the summer Olympics of also failed to save any energy, a study found. Part of the trouble with estimating the effect of daylight saving time on energy consumption is that there are so few changes to the policy, making before-and-after comparisons tricky, Hadley told Live Science.

The extension of daylight saving time allowed for a before-and-after comparison of only a few weeks' time. The changes in Indiana and Australia were geographically limited. Ultimately, Hadley said, the energy question probably isn't the real reason the United States sticks with daylight saving time, anyway.

But of course, there are exceptions.

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Hawaii and Arizona are the two U. And, every year there are bills put forth to get rid of DST in various states, as not everyone is keen on turning their clocks forward an hour. Congress to exempt the state from the federal Uniform Time Act. If approved, Florida would remain in DST year-round. Congress would have to amend the Uniform Time Act 15 U. In the fall of , California voted in favor of Proposition 7 that would attempt to repeal the annual clock changes.

Next, the state legislature needs to vote on the proposition, followed by the Congress, according to an article on Vox. Other states have also proposed exemptions from the federal time act.

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For instance, Sen. Ryan Osmundson, R-Buffalo, introduced Senate Bill into the Senate State Administration Committee in February , which would exempt Montana from daylight saving time, keeping the state on standard time year-round, according to the bill. Nebraskans may be off the hook for clock changes as well.

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In January , state Sen. Lydia Brasch, a Republican of Bancroft, proposed a bill called LB to eliminate daylight saving time in the state, according to the bill. Some regions of British Columbia and Saskatchewan don't change their clocks. Most of Europe currently observes daylight saving time, called "summer time," which begins at 1 a. GMT on the last Sunday in March and ends winter time at 1 a.

The Case to end Daylight Saving Time - By Shawn Gordon

GMT on the last Sunday in October. Time zone updates for Palestinian Authority.

Interim guidance on time zone updates for Kingdom of Morocco during Ramadan. DST changes for Republic of Chile is now available. Timezone update for Qyzylorda, Kazakhstan.

Time zone updates for Kingdom of Morocco and Volgograd, Russia are available. Time zone update for the Kingdom of Morocco. Time zone updates for Republic of Chile. DST update for Fiji is now available. Time zone updates for Volgograd Oblast, Russia. Don't let them get their hands on the Bomb! The dying sun will be replaced by a brand new one! You will be washed away with all other sinners. The old Alvarado is part of the past now. This is a new me, for a new age.

Blessed Daylight Saving Time will safely carry us one hour into the future, after the blast. You will perish in flames while we are transported into a new era!

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