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According to Phillip Reed, senior consumer advice editor for car info website Edmunds. Reed and his team put some of the most common gas-conservation tips to the test on a mile stretch of road.

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For example, moderate driving and an easy-on-the-brake method saved up to 37 percent more gas than aggressive driving. Tweaking a few of your daily habits can save you money too. Start by putting away the plastic. Avoid the gas stations right on the highway or at the major intersection on the way to work.

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If you have a rewards card and you pay in cash, you could get a discount. Ask at the customer service counter what gas rewards and discounts they offer members. Vanessa is a freelance writer in San Francisco who writes about small business and personal finance. Go online Start bargain-hunting by going online.

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Watch how you drive How true is it that maintaining good air pressure in your tires and driving slower will save you gas money? Habits that will help you save Tweaking a few of your daily habits can save you money too.

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The last year CRX got 50 on the highway. Oct 9, 43, 2, Childs Lifer. Jul 9, 11, 7 Jun 7, 7, 0 I get 35mpg regularly with my civic HB Got higher than 50 mpg EPA highway some years, as I recall. Oct 9, 50, 5 Smaug Senior member. Jul 16, 0 0.

The Last Fill UP: One Americans Search For A Gasoline-Free Clean Energy Lifestyle

My Si gets 28mpg on premium in mixed driving. So hopefully I'll get 31 out of it like the EPA.

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Also coming up to the 60k maintenance, so that should help. But at premium for 2. Then there's hydrogen fuel. Still, those older Honda HF's were and still are absolutely amazing. Gonna go see if I can punch up the proof. Edit: Hee, hee, Civic four door sedan!

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