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They compared blood samples from 60 people with hypersexual disorder and 33 people without the condition to see if they had different epigenetic markers — patterns in their DNA that affect which genes are switched on and off. The results identified two regions of DNA that were different in people with the condition.

The Quantum Love Gene: Evolve or perish Which will you choose?

This was consistent with further work showing that people with hypersexual disorder had unusually high oxytocin levels, which dropped after they underwent cognitive behavioural therapy. The findings suggest that using drugs to regulate the hormone could be a way to regulate the condition.

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The code would more than likely not create many worlds, as it is crazily wasteful of bits. More likely we are not in a many worlds deterministic reality but one created on the fly as double slits experiments suggest. Also consider pre-sentiment experiments research Dean Radin. These indicate a probabilistic, computed reality where we are primed for the most probable event ahead of time. When we consider that anything we are amazed by is no more complex than what our own senses can render to us, it brings it down to a man sized scale.

Then you realise your synapses, senses, body and brain are only an explanatory function of us having made enquiries; as with quarks and the like, another layer of complexity must be rendered to maintain congruity. Kinda fractal like in that regard. If you really ponder on things like the placebo effect and various healing methods, this is absolute proof that our intent is key to producing out reality — thought rules the day, therefore make sure your thoughts will progress your consciousness share to a higher, more powerful level.

We are in consciousness remedial class. Your going on about photons not needing to exist then saying thoughts rule the day.. What are you saying.

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Is there any experiments for this??? And we all have our own frequency which we vibrate to and this digital matrix that is spoke of then perhaps It is all sound and we are like the emotions generated in a universal conscience mind projecting images like thoughts and feelings that we get from a song we listen to when we hear something? And just like a song can soothe a savage beast or send a man into war. This is not science. Sad to see all the comments from the people who buy this crap, or else any normal comment is just deleted. Secondly, in no way shape or form do I want this to be taken as a form of religion.

The Quantum Love Gene: Evolve Or Perish Which Will You Choose? - Rev Raymond J Pilon - Google книги

I stand quite against any new age thought actually, as I think it bastardizes the metaphor of mythology and spirituality in much the same way as religion does. To that end, the point of this article is to empower people to understand how much control they have over reality via their thoughts and their choices, to impart appreciation to individuals through thought-provoking concepts of perception. We absolutely collapse waveforms into particles with observation, and to consider how that impacts your day-to-day life, in my opinion, opens up a great deal of inspiration and humility; hence this article.

One question though.

Are identical quantum twins distinguishable?

Greta Wall of China. This world is a cumulative one. You and I are part of this vast universe sharing this reality. My belief and most of the Eastern world believes we reincarnate many times. I hope this makes sense.

Steven Panton Those who are deeply imbedded in organized religion find this to be threatening their reality. There are those who are ready for this change in our evolution and those who are not. This is so true…Look at the world around us, and you will find that nearly everything that you see is a creation of thoughts and possibilities brought into reality.

Everything that is found in the world is the made of the same substance found since the beginning of man, yet it has taken generations of manifestations to get us to this point. Therefore, if you want to manifest a new world or reality, one that you create, then you need only the will and belief to do so. These laws have changes my life in so many ways, and I am truly blessed to have recognized and embraced these rules. I have found another method to be highly effective as well as this one, and takes very little time. This is so true. However, it takes a lot of energy, concentration, and more importantly feelings.

Pure speculative reasoning, taking some results of what quantum physics does, taking it to the romantic limit and pretending that that is what quantum physics is. I wanted to leave a little comment to support you and wish you a good continuation.

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Rev Raymond J Pilon

Wishing you the best of luck for all your blogging efforts. Thanks so much! Would you mind if I share your blog with my facebook group? Please let me know. By all means, Ivonne, please feel free to share any of our content. Hope it resonates with the community. Do you mind if I ask what the group is? Thanks for your support. I wish for a waterfall when I go outside my house but its not there?

WHy isnt there a waterfall if I want it to be there. And since I no longer have a connected past I no longer have a place of origin so I no longer exist. So when I pass away my past where I was alive will be erased so there was never a moment where I was consciously alive.

This is the fucked up part about quantum mechanics erasing past. And a spirit did this to me. And I actually discovered spirits exist on a quantum level so they are connected to quantum mechanics and erasing the past. So spirits and myself have time manipulation abilities over the past with quantum mechanics.

Hypersexual disorder linked to genes that regulate love hormone

The spirit is doing this to me because he represents the larger universe an entity you never win against. I am in control of all reality. And in my reality Jesus Christ is the son of God and the living God.

And I am Jesus Christ.